How to use an image generator like MyImageGPT?

Many solutions exist for creating attractive images for visual communication. Since the advent of automatic generation tools, they have presented themselves as the best options at the moment. Thanks to a tool like MyImageGPT powered by artificial intelligence, you can generate any illustration in seconds. Whether you're a communications professional, content creator, or simply someone who wants to bring their visual ideas to life, this revolutionary bot can help. Find out how to use it in this article.

Go to the bot platform

To use MyImageGPT, the first step is to access the platform. In fact, one can create an image with artificial intelligence on this site. Unlike automatic image generators like Midjourney or DALL-E, you do not need to register to use MyImageGPT. You also don't need to install an app or software on your workstation, as is the case with traditional design tools like Canva or Illustrator. MyImageGPT therefore presents itself as one of the most flexible solutions at the moment.

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Choose picture style

Once on the bot platform, you must choose the style best suited to your image. Note that the choice of this element is essential for many reasons. In fact, it helps determine the general direction of your image creation. So, from the first try, the generated image will be faithful to the representation you have in mind.

Styles can include categories such as photographs, illustrations, logos, paintings or even drawings. It is up to you to choose the most appropriate style based on the purpose of your image and the context in which it will be used.

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Enter a detailed prompt

After choosing the style, you will now need to enter a prompt that describes the type of image you are looking for. In fact, MyImageGPT generates these images this way, from a textual description.

Note that the prompt should be detailed and specific so that you have the best chance of getting an image that meets your expectations. Describe the elements you want to include, preferred colors, general mood, and any other details you deem relevant. Be precise and imaginative in your prompt. The design possibilities are endless with your automatic generator.

Edit the prompt if necessary

As soon as you launch, you get an image within seconds. If you are satisfied with the first result, simply upload your illustration. That said, it may happen that it does not suit you. In this case, you do not need to restart the creation process. You simply need to enter another prompt that describes what you like about the resulting image and what you plan to change. For example, you can add or remove elements, modify colors, adjust proportions, and more. This review and modification stage allows you to refine your image until it perfectly matches your needs and preferences.