How do I learn to canyoneer ?

Canyoning is an activity that combines exploration, climbing, jumping, swimming and abseiling. It's a fascinating aquatic activity that offers a thrilling experience in the heart of nature. If you're a thrill-seeker, this is the activity for you. For your first steps in canyoning, you may need to learn how to practice this activity. If you're interested, this article will teach you how to tackle your first canyons safely. 

Take a course or hire a guide    

The safest way to learn canyoning in a short space of time is to take a training course. Many schools and clubs offer beginner-friendly courses run by experienced instructors. These courses cover various aspects, such as abseiling techniques, river navigation and safety measures. 

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If you're interested in this option, go to a specialized site to hire a guide to train you. Under the instruction of this professional, you'll be able to explore the canyons with ease from your very first days. Guides know the canyons' routes, weather conditions and potential pitfalls, guaranteeing a safer and more rewarding experience.

Basic movements to learn

You can also learn canyoning on your own. To do so, you need to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of this activity. Here are the main movements you need to learn to progress safely:

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Walking in the water

Walking in the water is a fundamental part of canyoning. It enables you to progress against the current while maintaining a stable balance. Start here. 

Climbing and descending

Climbing and descending are essential techniques for navigating the rocky sections and steep walls of canyons. After walking, practice climbing and descending.

Safe jumps

Safe jumps require careful assessment of water depth and proper jumping technique to avoid injury. So get your safety equipment and learn how to make your jumps.

Whitewater swimming

Whitewater swimming requires a good command of swimming technique to navigate through currents and eddies. So if you're not perfect at swimming, perfect your technique.

Natural toboggans

Natural toboggans are passages where you slide along smooth rocky surfaces, taking care to maintain a safe, controlled position. Learn to master this. For added safety, lie on your back with your hands folded over your torso.

The essentials for a successful canyoning session

For a successful canyoning session, you need to be properly prepared. This preparation involves a number of elements. The most essential are as follows:

Appropriate equipment

Appropriate equipment includes helmet, harness, sports shoes with crampons and canyoning wetsuit. Make sure the equipment you opt for is of the highest quality.


In addition to the above, you also need safety equipment. These include ropes, karabiners, anchoring systems and a first-aid kit.

Food and water

It's also essential to take along enough water and energy snacks to stay hydrated and nourished throughout the activity. The adventure can last several hours.

Gathering these essentials will maximize your chances of a safe and memorable canyoning session.